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Welcome to Agrotourism Herzegovina

Experience the new unforgettable combination of nature and holiday that makes Herzegovina and agritourism. Herzegovina offers you all the beauties and charms of agritourism through authentic country houses and agro-houses in nature.

Agrotourism Herzegovina offers a recognizable and enchanting offer of the Herzegovinian village and nature. A special experience of the village, with all the beauty and amazement of the countryside, will give you wonderful houses in the countryside.
Choose agro accommodation and relax in the peaceful and relaxing holiday that Herzegovina can offer.

Traditional food

  We are at two steps from Dalmatia, another area with good prosciutto; however, it would be ...
  It is one of the oldest and perhaps the most humble product of Herzegovina, whose origin dates ...
  If a product becomes a symbol of a place, it is because it carries the colours, tastes, sounds ...
  In Herzegovina, one can still find old-fashioned beehives for honey production: this is the ...
  Pomegranate is one of the most characteristic symbols of Herzegovina. Wild pomegranate can be ...
  In Herzegovina, winter is not winter if there is no collard greens and smoked meat. It is a ...
  Poljak beans is one of those crops which successfully grow not only due to care of hardworking ...

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Turistička zajednica HNŽ/HNK
Address: Dr. Ante Starčevića bb
Phone: +387 36 355 090
Fax : 387 36 355 096

Herzegovina Brochure

Agrotourism Brochure

Project Agrotourism

Project: Development of rural tourism in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton
Project Manager: Semir Temim
Expert: Robert Baćac
Coordinator:Ramiz Bašić
Mostar, 2016./ 2017.
Project funded and implemented by:
Tourist Board of HNC

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